Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine embraces FinOps culture with Uniskai to gain cloud cost optimization

Responsible banking builds a sustainable future

Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine, a part of the Raiffeisen Bank International Group (RBI), a leading Austria-based Central & European corporate and investment bank, is committed to responsible banking in support of their customers through sustainable financial products and services. This commitment to responsible banking has earned Raiffeisen Bank recognition in the form of awards from finance industry publications such as The Banker, Euromoney, and Global Finance. In addition, in 2022, Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine was ranked among the top 3 in client funds, lending, and foreign exchange operations.

Partnership goals

While implementing a massive AWS (Amazon Web Services) migration, Raiffeisen Bank's decision-makers highly prioritized cost optimization of their cloud multi-account environments while placing emphasis on the significance of preserving business health. In other words, Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine's top management embraced the value of welcoming FinOps culture into their cloud environment management. To achieve management's vision, the Bank's experts developed a FinOps strategy and leveraged the Uniskai cost optimization platform for their multiple AWS accounts as a part of their complex systemic plan to:

Have a comprehensive and convenient solution to track and audit cloud cost allocation bringing explicit cloud visualization to Raiffeisen Bank's cloud infrastructure management.

Examine the real-time cloud performance of each account and compare forecasted spending to actual spend.

Develop an efficient cost optimization blueprint to curb spiraling cloud bills, freeing up the budget to expand cloud environments.

Dynamically adjust the resources’ size based on actual usage.

Implement custom-fit scheduling and hibernation policies.

Automate DevOps processes to enable the Bank's teams to minimize costs rapidly and enhance operational efficiency.

Upgrade transparency by setting up dedicated analytics and reporting to support enhanced cloud budget forecasting.

Foster better collaboration between various departments while raising the level of financial responsibility among teams.

Boost experts' productivity so that teams can increase the pace at which they accomplish their assignments.

Why Uniskai by Profisea Labs

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is an AI-based multicloud cost optimization platform that helps customers to understand and manage their cloud costs. Developed by experienced DevOps professionals, Uniskai provides a comprehensive view of the infrastructure through real-time architectural diagrams and AI-driven cost-saving insights. It allows users to avoid waste, optimize resource utilization, monitor their cloud environment, and stay within budget limits.

For Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine, Uniskai by Profisea Labs serves as an excellent solution, not least because Uniskai is an all-in-one scalable platform that helps the Bank's teams to cooperate in a single environment, effectively visualizing, managing, and optimizing cloud assets across the entire multi-department organization, thus contributing to successful FinOps culture implementation.

Achieving Goals

To help Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine establish solid FinOps culture, the Uniskai platform combined best practices and features into a single environment that allows the Banks' professionals to:

  • Work with a comprehensive, real-time visualization of their AWS cloud environments in several formats: as a list of environments (Cloudlist), architectural diagrams (Cloudmap), and network diagrams (Cloudnet).

  • Identify and handle obsolete resources. Uniskai's Waste Manager (WM) catalogs orphaned Elastic IPs, AMIs, EBS Volumes, Snapshots, and EC2s in one panel, which allows the waste to be easily removed within seconds directly from the Uniskai platform.

  • Obtain rightsizing recommendations for EC2, EBS, EKS, and ECS resources. The rightsizing module analyses the usage patterns of each resource and provides data-driven suggestions with current and suggested resource types, while enabling several alternatives for further business-related rightsizing decisions, which can also be implemented directly from the Uniskai platform.

  • Shape multi-service hibernation policies with Cloudsitter AI-based scheduling recommendations to automatically launch/stop EC2 instances, Databases, containerized ECS, EKS, and Autoscaling groups (ASG) to optimize AWS costs.

  • Receive advanced cloud budget planning and forecasting recommendations, empowering Raiffeisen Bank's experts to discover concealed savings opportunities and develop an optimized cloud budget.
  • Streamline and automate cost management through an all-in-one platform that provides spending insights for each service and allows for cloud cost optimization within a single environment.
  • Gain valuable cloud security insights and alerts to protect infrastructure data.
  • Maximize team productivity through cost management automation and cooperation in a single environment.
  • Improve monitoring. After allocating individual permissions to each team member, Raiffeisen Bank's managers can easily monitor all the changes in Logs.

The Uniskai Features leveraged by Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine

Cloudlist, Cloudnet, Cloudmap, Billing, Waste Manager, Rightsizing, Cloudsitter, Cloudguard, Account Manager, Logs.


Once Raiffeisen Bank's specialists had connected their mature multi-account AWS-based environments to Uniskai, the following outcomes emerged:

Comprehensive management of AWS cloud environments through enhanced visibility & insightful visualization brought into Raiffeisen Bank's cloud infrastructures.

Wasted capacity accumulating is prevented since orphaned resources are now identified in real-time and oversized instances can be adjusted immediately to current usage capacity.

Considerable optimization of costs previously wasted on idle capacity thanks to AI-driven scheduling of computing-powered machines, Databases, ECS, EKS, and Autoscaling groups (ASG) and hibernation policy creation.

Increased operational efficiency since automated DevOps processes, including budget planning, hibernation policy creation, performance monitoring, and comprehensive reporting, are now being utilized.

Improved transparency through dedicated analytics and reporting provided teams with valuable insights to enhance cloud budget forecasting and cost optimization.

Strengthened collaboration between the Financial, Engineering, and Business departments since Uniskai promotes financial responsibility among teams.

Raiffeisen Bank's specialists experienced a significant productivity boost due to efficient cloud management automation.

Splendid cloud cost optimization platform created by DevOps for FinOps

Profisea Labs experts designed Uniskai leveraging cutting-edge FinOps practices and unique technologies so that IT business owners, DevOps leaders, and engineers can optimize cloud spending, increase productivity, and welcome FinOps culture into cloud management.

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