Uniskai by Profisea Labs is now available on AWS Marketplace

Profisea Labs is thrilled to announce that the Uniskai FinOps platform is now available on AWS Marketplace. This marks a significant milestone in our collaboration with AWS as we join forces to bring Uniskai's proven cloud cost optimization platform within easy access of the global AWS community.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is an innovative, comprehensive, AI-powered cloud cost optimization platform that helps organizations of any size govern, analyze, visualize, and optimize their AWS cloud infrastructure seamlessly with just a few clicks while cutting cloud costs by as much as 75%.

The Uniskai platform’s extensive features cover every aspect of cloud management and cost optimization. From agentless deployment and interactive online network diagrams to complete billing visualization and Kubernetes support, Uniskai caters to the diverse needs of DevOps and FinOps teams.

The integration of Uniskai with AWS Marketplace brings you all of the following benefits:

  • Does away with extensive legal negotiations or explicit contracts. With Uniskai by Profisea Labs and AWS Marketplace integration, the approval cycle becomes smoother as you will already be covered under your AWS standard agreements.
  • A streamlined procurement process that ensures speed, sound governance, and security. Deploying the Uniskai platform becomes a simple and transparent process, allowing for almost instant implementation.
  • Simplified billing includes consolidated bills, comprehensive cost analysis, and efficient subscription management. Discounts and flexible pricing options are tailored to your unique business requirements. In many scenarios, you can also utilize your existing AWS customer commitments.
  • Premium-level Uniskai support and 24x7 assistance, including the fastest Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and response times, as well as expert advice, best practices, and guidance to optimize your cloud infrastructure.

With Uniskai on AWS Marketplace, Profisea Labs takes a natural step forward in delivering frictionless cloud cost optimization options. And we eagerly anticipate strengthening this partnership to deliver even greater value to our customers.

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