Virtual Environments: Optimize and Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure with Uniskai

Efficiently managing cloud infrastructure is crucial for any company. When faced with the vast number of provisioned resources in the cloud environment, staying on top of everything can quickly become a challenge. That's where Uniskai by Profisea Labs comes to the rescue. In this blog, we will explore Virtual Environments in Uniskai and explain the benefits of resource tagging to help you streamline and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Virtual Environments

With Uniskai by Profisea Labs, you can create groups of cloud resources known as virtual environments. These environments can be based on criteria that suit your needs, such as their roles in your cloud infrastructure, lifecycle stages, regions, application layers, or any other relevant factors.

It is a feature that gives you the means to efficiently manage and automate tasks for a large number of resources simultaneously, including Amazon EC2 instances, AWS CloudFormation stacks, or Amazon S3 buckets.

Virtual environments are particularly valuable for organizations that utilize multiple resources across different regions and business units. Instead of having to switch between assorted dashboards and regions within the AWS Management Console, Uniskai allows you to group related resources and access information about multiple resources, their metrics, alarms, and configuration details, all from a single screen.

The Resource Tagging Concept

To further simplify the management of virtual environments, Uniskai allows you to assign metadata through resource tagging.

Resource tagging is a fundamental concept within the cloud infrastructure since it serves as a unique identifier for custom automation. It facilitates cost reporting by department and provides additional information about resources, making them easy to identify, categorize, organize, filter, and manage.

If your AWS account encompasses hundreds or thousands of resources, assigning tags to manage and optimize them is essential for maintaining an organized information structure.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs offers a user-friendly interface to manually tag virtual environments. Simply navigate to the desired resource, locate the tagging section, and add the desired key-value pairs.

Benefits of Resource Tagging

Resource tagging is invaluable in cloud management since it gives organizations numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced management of virtual environments. Tagging enables better organization and categorization, making it easier to locate and manage cloud infrastructure. You can quickly identify resources based on their function, environment (development, production, staging), owner (developer, finance, etc.), or any other relevant attribute.
  • Advanced cost allocation. Accurately identifying resources through tags allows for a comprehensive understanding of their contribution to cloud costs. This helps identify redundant resources or those that are not being fully utilized and provides opportunities to save on cloud spend.
  • Improved security and compliance. Tagging simplifies the identification of specific security requirements and access permissions, ensuring compliance standards are met.
  • Simplified automation and structuring. Tags can be used to define rules for auto-scaling, backup schedules, resource lifecycle management, and other automation processes. This streamlines operations and reduces the need for manual tasks.

Overall, tagging helps businesses optimize cloud operations, enhance cost efficiency, and strengthen their cloud infrastructure management practices.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs: An All-in-One FinOps Platform for the Entire Team

At Profisea Labs, we are committed to providing businesses of any size with up-to-date, comprehensive, and insightful information. Our mission is to simplify your cloud cost management, empower FinOps teams to regain control of costs, and easily address any tagging challenges.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs, an AI-based FinOps platform, provides a comprehensive solution for searching, filtering, and managing Virtual Environments. By leveraging tags, you gain enhanced visibility, cost allocation, and automation capabilities while ensuring better security and compliance.

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