Are you interested in the dynamic world of cloud cost management and the transformative power it holds for Dev culture? Join us for an insightful webinar “Charge Up Your Dev Culture: Show Back, Shame Back Techniques that Reshape!”

What can you expect from the webinar?

In this webinar, Alex Alvord, a Solutions Architect, will guide you through the complex landscape of cloud cost management, emphasizing the critical role of FinOps cultural scaffolding in optimizing excessive spending and fostering a mindset of responsible resource utilization.

Drawing from extensive experience in cloud architecture, the speaker will share insights and strategies to help your organization in building an efficient and sustainable approach to managing cloud costs.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

FinOps Cultural Scaffolding

Effective Show Back Strategies

Best Shame Back Techniques

Transformation of Dev Culture

Real-world Case Studies

Q&A Session

Who is most likely to be interested in the webinar?

Whether you're a business owner, finance professional, IT manager, or cloud architect, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to reshape your Dev culture and master cloud cost optimization using the FinOps frameworks.
Secure your spot today and unlock the full potential of FinOps for your organization.

Who is the speaker?


Zoom Webinar


September 7,
5 PM (UTC +3)




1 hour


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