Are you interested in achieving maximum cost savings and efficiency in your AWS cloud environment? Join us for an insightful webinar on "Mastering Cost Optimization in AWS Cloud: Implementing the FinOps Framework."

What can you expect from the webinar?

In this webinar, Chandresh Desai, a Senior Solutions Architect, will delve deep into the world of FinOps and explore how it can revolutionize your cost management strategies in the AWS cloud.

This webinar will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the FinOps framework and effective implementation practices tailored for your AWS environment. You will gain practical insights and actionable techniques to take control of your cloud costs while still achieving your business goals.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

Understanding the Fundamentals of FinOps

Identifying Cost Optimization Opportunities

Leveraging AWS Cost Management Tools

Real-world Use Cases

Best Practices for Implementing FinOps

Q&A Session

Who is most likely to be interested in the webinar?

Whether you are a business owner, finance professional, IT manager, or cloud architect, this webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to master cost optimization in the AWS cloud using the FinOps framework.
Secure your spot today and unlock the potential of FinOps for your organization.

Who is the speaker?


Zoom Webinar


July 26,
5 PM (UTC +3)




1 hour


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