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Reduce your cloud costs by up to 70%, enjoying effortless savings on your cloud expenses with Uniskai and Unisave by Profisea Labs!
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The FinOps Operating System is a new approach to cloud cost optimization that provides DevOps & FinOps teams with solutions to easily manage and optimize their spend, across all cloud providers. Designed for simplicity and built for scale, our technology solves the biggest FinOps challenges and helps business scale their cloud without worrying about costs. 

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FinOps. The way it was meant to be.
Unlock effortless cost savings with our FinOps solutions, which provide enhanced cloud cost visibility and multi-layered optimization.
Uniskai by Profisea Labs
Cost Visibility
Spot Instances
Waste Management
RI Manager
Smart Scheduler
Cost Visibility
An intuitive billing dashboard with detailed cost show-back and future cost predictions. Easily monitor and manage your spending across AWS, Azure, and GCP.
Personalized rightsizing recommendations that optimize cloud cost savings by up to 75%. Select the ideal instance size and type, perfectly aligned with your actual workload demands.
Spot Instances
Distinctive strategy to transform instances into cost-effective spots. Seamlessly manage your Spot Instances, minimizing downtime through proactive system actions.
Waste Management
Waste Manager that swiftly identifies unutilized, duplicated, or improperly sized resources and backups. Effortlessly eliminate cloud waste with just a single click, initiating immediate savings.
Reserved Instances
The ultimate cost-efficient solution for critical applications that require high availability and consistent workloads. Secure your capacity at a discounted rate for a fixed period in the future.
Smart Scheduler
An AI-powered feature that delivers ingenious scheduling recommendations based on user behavior patterns. Automate resource hibernation to strategically save on your cloud budget.
Unisave by Profisea Labs
Unisave provides commitment-free and risk-free AI-based continuous optimization of your cloud computing costs. Regardless of your previous cloud expenses, you'll still spend less without any additional effort on your part.
Maximized Savings
Unisave takes your cost optimization to the next level through its cutting-edge AI-driven algorithms. By continuously fine-tuning your cloud computing expenses, the platform ensures you're making the most out of your budget while safeguarding your financial resources.
Zero Risks, No Commitment
Unisave, with its "no commitment" approach, employs advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring to reduce the risks and protect you from any possible problems, such as overuse, data breaches, and unexpected expenses while ensuring efficient cloud cost optimization.
AI-Based Automation
Unisave elevates the user experience by providing a high level of automation. It operates autonomously, consistently implementing the most optimal cost-saving strategies across user accounts. This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also relieves users from the burden of manual processes.
Why Profisea Labs?
We are the FinOps platform you wished for.
Increase DevOps Productivity
Our innovative features streamline workflows, saving you time and effort.
Supports AWS, GCP, and Azure
Uniskai and Unisave seamlessly integrate with major cloud providers, offering flexibility and ease of use.
Reduce Cloud Costs by up to 70%
Our FinOps platform reduces your cloud expenses, allocating resources more efficiently.
Unlike other solutions, Uniskai and Unisave operate agentless, simplifying deployment and management
Multiple Optimization Options
We provide customized optimization approaches to match your specific needs.
Optimize your cloud infrastructure with us!
Where we stand out
The FinOps ecosystem is evolving, and we are at the front line.
Full Cost Visibility
Spot Instance Automation
Waste Management
Reserved Instances Management
Smart Scheduling
Resource Rightsizing
Kubernetes Rightsizing
Hear it from our awesome customers
Discovering FinOps with Uniskai was crucial for us because it created a culture of cost consciousness throughout the teams and encouraged both financial accountability and business agility in the cloud.
Chusov Oleksandr
Software Architect at First Ukrainian International Bank
Globally, Uniskai by Profisea Labs is a convenient, easy-to-use DevOps/FinOps platform with an attractive interface. No need to strain your head much, as a lot of things were done by the Profisea Labs’ developers. All I have to do to optimize my cloud infrastructure is to choose a button on the platform and click on it.
Andrii Ovcharenko
DevOps Department Lead at Fulcrum Rocks