42flows.tech: Unlocking Cloud Optimization for Multi-Account Environments

42flows.tech: Making digitalization happen

42flows.tech, enables digital transformation and rapid growth of their customers by designing well-architected information flows (omnichannel communication platforms, intelligent chatbots, custom CRM developments, etc.) between partners, clients, and providers. Dedicated to delivering tailormade and maximally customized services and data management solutions to their customers, 42flows.tech experts are committed to providing value to companies sharing best practices in banking, e-commerce, telecommunications, retail, and other industries. Officially acknowledged as Best FinTech startup of Ukraine 2019 42flows.tech welcomes back 94% of companies with a follow-on order after successful completion of a first project.

Partnership Goals

42flows.tech is a company that specializes in cloud-based software development. As a result, they often have multiple active cloud accounts across diverse cloud development environments. This reality soon created a challenge for 42flows.tech as it required a great deal of work to control costs across these multi-account architectures. In order to prioritize cloud transparency and cost optimization to keep pace with their rapid business evolution, 42flows.tech’s management leveraged Uniskai by Profisea Labs to accomplish the following goals:

  • Increase cloud transparency to detect anomalies and control cloud costs across multi-account development environments.

  • Develop and implement a cloud cost optimization strategy to reduce cloud costs.

  • Eliminate cloud waste.

  • Rightsize cloud resources for optimal efficiency.

  • Streamline DevOps-related processes and improve overall operational efficiency.

  • Boost productivity.

  • Simplify analytics and reporting.

  • Improve cooperation between departments.

  • Upgrade cloud budget forecasting.

Why Uniskai by Profisea Labs

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is an excellent all-in-one solution for the people at 42flows.tech to visualize, manage, analyze, and optimize their Omni account and complex cloud infrastructure. Uniskai helps managers and teams at 42flows.tech to overview their entire infrastructure through architectural diagrams that have proved essential to streamline monitoring and optimize resources in multi-account environments. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), Uniskai can automatically analyze system performance at 42flows.tech and deliver customized recommendations to optimize cloud spend and cut costs.

Achieving FinOps Goals

Uniskai by Profisea Labs delivered a unique customized strategy based on best FinOps practices that give 42flows.tech’s specialists:

  • Improved cloud visualization. Uniskai’s dashboard and Cloudview features allow the teams to visualize their cloud infrastructure in an in-depth display of cloud-based environments in three formats: Cloudlist, Cloudmap, and Cloudnet, which gives them all the insights they need in real time.

  • Upgraded cost control via tagging that helps track budgeted costs and actual spending for each project, team, and unit.

  • Reduced cloud spending by eliminating obsolete resources, such as Elastic IP, AMI, EBS Volumes, Snapshots, and EC2 through the Waste Manager (WM), where they are cataloged automatically with all their detailed data.

  • Optimized cloud expenses due to customized rightsizing recommendations. In a single panel, 42flows.tech can feature rightsizing-ready services and suggested changes. After reviewing these insights, the experts can adjust instance usage to instance sizes to optimize cloud spend.

  • Simplified control over spots and improved spot management that avoids unexpected termination and facilitates more confident spot converting.

  • Enhanced cloud budget planning and forecasting. With Uniskai, 42flows.tech finds it easier to refine current and future activities to obtain the most appropriate Reserved Instances and Saving Plans packages.

  • Streamlined cloud cost planning, monitoring, and reporting due to comprehensive visibility and savings features in one environment. 42flows.tech’s tech and business departments can participate in budget planning, result monitoring, and reporting within a single environment.

  • Increased cloud management as 42flows.tech can now control multi-account environments and the performance of omni functional teams.

  • Boosted productivity through automation of production environment processes, allowing 42flows.tech’s experts to manage the cloud budget automatically, while reducing manual labor time and costs.


As a result of these efforts, 42flows.tech achieved significant improvements in cloud management that included:

Improved cloud visualization, transparency, and control over multi-account development environments.

Cloud cost optimization through the elimination of cloud waste, the sizing of resources to actual usage, and spots management.

Upgraded analytics and reporting.

Simplified cloud budget forecasting.

Streamlined DevOps-related processes and operational efficiency.

Boosted productivity across multi-functional departments at 42flows.tech through automation of cloud operation processes.

The partnership between 42flows.tech and Profisea Labs has gone from strength to strength as the companies continue to work togetherto ensure ongoing optimization of cloud usage.

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