Case Studies Case Study

We found an all-in-one solution to control cost allocation across our multi-account development environments!
Maksym Popov
Co-Founder & COO
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First Ukrainian International Bank Case Study

Discovering FinOps with Uniskai has created a culture of cost awareness!
Chusov Oleksandr
Software Architect
at First Ukrainian International Bank
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Fulcrum Rocks Case Study

All I have to do to optimize my cloud infrastructure is to click a button!
Andrii Ovcharenko
DevOps Department Lead
at Fulcrum Rocks
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Appflame Case Study

Excellent solution to provide appflame with ultimate cloud visibility!
Sergii Semeniuk
Chief DevOps Engineer
at appflame
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Our Raving Fans

I recently started using Uniskai by Profisea Labs and it has been a game changer for my productivity. What I love most about Uniskai is its intuitive interface and great cloud visibility. With just a few clicks, I can easily manage my cloud infrastructure, schedule cost-reduction policies, and even create tasks for my DevOps team. The dashboard gives me everything I need to optimize my cloud infrastructure and cut cloud costs significantly!
Alex (Sasha) S.
Head Of Software
The main features I have used and liked are the "Waste Detector" and "Cloudsitter". After a very short and easy Integration with my AWS accounts, I've seen unused resources such as orphan volumes, snapshots, and AMI that can be easily removed to save money. The CloudSitter capability helped me to identify the usage patterns of my application in a non-prod environment and very easily define a shutdown policy that reduced significantly my monthly bill.
Ariel N.
Head of DevOps
The combination of unique spot technology and Cloudsitter (scheduler) gives vast savings of up to 80%. An excellent Waste manager makes it easy to find disks, images, and other garbage.

Online interactive networks and architectural diagrams give a complete overview and visibility of the resources used.

Good EKS visibility and recommendation (no third-party agent).
Eli L.
Owner & CTO
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