FinOps Features

Unlock Cloud Cost Transparency To Optimize Cloud Expenses. Master The Cloud Economy To Reconcile Spending With Business Metrics And Eliminate Abrupt Usage Spikes

Understand & unpack the billing concept, get control over your billing

Get complete control over your billing segments and explore transparent, easy-to-navigate illustrations of cost structure for all accounts in a single dashboard. Control, forecast, and prevent credit overspend.

Credits Calculation

We even provide AWS Credits Calculation

You can enable credits consumption real-time visibility per service to avoid surprises with credits burndown rate.

Budget limit

Set a limit for your cloud spending and get notifications to prevent waste

Limit your cloud spending per account, region, or VPC. Prevent spending over your credit amount, get a prompt notification before you receive an oversized bill.

Ready to get a full control on your cloud costs?


Schedule automated hibernation for on-demand/spot assets with Cloudsitter

Use our AI-powered smart suggestions for the most optimal hibernation policy

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AI-fired suggestions for the hibernation policy

Follow our AI-powered smart directions based on the real use of your resources to create the most optimal hibernation policy and make sure you don't pay for resource downtime.

Automated hibernation for your assets

Set up automated hibernation for your on-demand/spot machines, databases, autoscaling groups, and Kubernetes clusters to optimize virtual resources usage and save at least 50% of cloud computing costs.

Company-wide hibernation policies

Hibernation policies can show resource savings up to 50% over traditional hibernation approaches and have proven to be reliable and resilient to changes in the cloud-based production environment.

Lower your cloud spending by converting your on-demand instances into spots

Be flexible with your application’s availability and lower your cloud spending by converting your on-demand instances into spots

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On-demand machines are converted into spots

Easily convert your on-demand machines, auto-scaling group, or Kubernetes clusters into spots and enjoy spot management for both stateless and stateful architectures

Cloud costs lower up to 60% using the spot strategy

Save up to 60% (up to 90% in some cases) of your computing power using the spots cost model for your instances without sacrificing your application’s performance

Spot mission-critical machines with confidence

When previously instructed, you can be flexible not only about data analysis, batch jobs, background processing but also about business fundamental machines

Ready to save up to 75% on your cloud costs?


Convert machines into low-cost instances using advice on RI’s and Saving Plans

Get smart recommendations for reservations and purchase the most optimal package of Saving Plans and Reserved Instances in one click to convert any machine into a lower-cost instance.


Save up to 75% by reducing an instance size and get tips to handle underused assets

Match instance types and sizes to your actual workload's capacity usage at the lowest possible cost. Reduce an instance size and save up to 75%. Plus, get actionable recommendations on underused assets.

Waste management

Identify, mitigate and manage 5-type waste to deliver value to your customers faster

Win the fight against 5-type waste focusing on root causes, rather than symptoms. Use your resources wisely and prudently to add value where it has the greatest commercial benefit.

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