ProfiSea Labs Raises $2 million seed funding to kick off a new era for CloudOps Industry

ProfiSea Labs is winning over the cloud-based digital market presenting our innovative cloud management platform. We are happy to announce that ProfiSea Labs recently raised a first 2-million dollars round of seed investment from prominent angel investors in the US to pursue our goal of making cloud management easier and more affordable.

The market is striving for a Unified CloudOps platform, that will make it easy for every organization to understand, build, optimize, and protect their multi-cloud infrastructure. ProfiSea Labs experts are convinced that a lack of visibility over what is happening in the cloud is a clear factor in the confusion arising around cloud bills. ProfiSea Labs’ innovative approach is built around a visual representation of all the company’s cloud assets, coupled with AI-based cost optimization automation that works together so customers can see all the wasted areas and make saving decisions quickly and safely.

“I know how frustrating the chase for cloud cost reduction of large cloud accounts can be,” says Vladi Shulman, ProfiSea Labs’ Founder and CTO. “My dream is to enable DevOps engineers, FinOps experts, and IT managers to easily and automatically manage cloud spendings and have more time to focus on creative and business-related tasks. Moreover, we are currently working on the integration of our platform with most popular DevOps CI/CD tools and infrastructure as code concepts, making the DevOps mindset applicable for cost optimization challenges as well as productivity and agility goals.”

ProfiSea Labs hits the digital market to make a real shake-up in the cloud-based ecosystem, leaving other market players trailing behind, as their first-generation cloud solutions cannot rise to the hot CloudOps challenges. The current solutions were developed when cloud technologies started to raise and these cloud management platforms could not evolve at the same pace as cloud computing did.

“ProfiSea Labs’ creation is a pure pleasure journey thanks to our young and super talented team,” says Vera Shulman, ProfiSea Labs CEO. “We strongly believe that talent has nothing to do with age and location – our team is geographically distributed in Israel, Ukraine, Spain, and the USA with an age spectrum varying from 18 to 55. We share the same passion for excellence and the values of professionalism, innovation, transparency, and lean development to provide our customers with a put-it-all-together solution. We genuinely want businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits from our innovations and technological excellence to boost their growth and development.”

ProfiSea Labs brings to market a new generation AI-Based multi-cloud management platform to visualize cloud assets, maximize cloud utilization, reduce waste, and lower cloud spending pursuing business goals.