Uniskai announces Slack and Webhooks integration for enhanced cloud cost control

Effective cloud monitoring is crucial for businesses that rely on cloud infrastructure. However, monitoring alone is not enough. Real-time notifications enable businesses to respond quickly to issues and prevent potential damage. However, planning, installing, configuring, and maintaining cloud monitoring and alerting pipelines require considerable DevOps expertise and experience. For this reason, Profisea Labs has developed a well-architected notification pipeline with Slack and Webhook integrated into Uniskai's system to enable customers to receive real-time notifications about any crucial update inside their cloud infrastructure.

Why Slack Integration?

Slack is a cloud-based tool for instant messaging and team collaboration. Its main purpose is to facilitate efficient and effective communication among team members. To achieve this, Slack offers transparency by enabling users to access all conversations and messages in one place. Additionally, Slack provides flexibility by allowing users to customize their notifications, so they only receive relevant information. This helps prevent unnecessary distractions, allowing team members to focus on their tasks.

Why coupling with Webhooks?

Webhooks are HTTP-based callback functions that enable event-driven communication between two APIs. Webhooks offer a simple and efficient way for applications to exchange real-time data. When an event occurs in one application, a webhook triggers the appropriate event-driven action in another. Webhooks are commonly used to receive small amounts of data from other applications. However, they can also be employed to automate workflows in GitOps environments.

Slack+Webhooks integration benefits

With Slack and Webhooks integrated, Uniskai by Profisea Labs notifies customers promptly about crucial changes and attention-demanding issues inside their cloud environment system resulting in:

  • Improved transparency. Alerting threads notify teams and project managers about important system updates such as spot recreation, spot back to on-demand, trial period ending, policy update failure, etc.

  • Increased flexibility. Notification channels can streamline each process, allowing teams to configure various settings for each project, account, business unit, and department with different credentials.

  • Enhanced collaboration. Teams from different departments can enable shared Slack threads with necessary information blocks to stay aligned with real-time system performance to communicate and fix issues ASAP.

  • Increased security. Notification and alert threads notify teams and project managers about important system updates such as permission requests from a team member, permission rights changes, security vulnerabilities, etc.

  • Upgraded automation. Instead of periodically polling an API for new data, the webhook allows teams to receive real-time updates as soon as the data changes on the Uniskai platform, saving time and boosting productivity for experts and managers.

How to Configure Webhooks

To configure the webhook go to Account Manager and follow the steps below:

We will send a GET Request to the URL and wait for the 200 OK Response.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs

Profisea Labs has designed Uniskai by leveraging cutting-edge FinOps practices and unique technologies so that IT business owners, DevOps leaders, and engineers can optimize cloud spending, increase productivity, and welcome FinOps culture into cloud management. Uniskai by Profisea Labs is the most comprehensive AI-driven multicloud cost optimization platform, saving up to 75% of your monthly cloud bills via rich cloud network visibility and a wide range of management, security, and cost-saving features.