Uniskai by Profisea Labs: Empowering FinOps with Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection

Misconfiguration, deprecated resources, fraudulent activities, or ambitious projects can all cause unexpected anomalies in cloud costs. Even tiny occurrences can add up over time, leading to expense overruns and billing confusion. The State of FinOps 2023 report reveals that a staggering 50% of companies take days to respond to cost anomalies. Clearly, to avoid this overspend, businesses operating in the cloud must be able to rapidly track down how and why these spending anomalies occur and be able to come up with effective solutions to resolve them.

In this article, we delve into the significance of cloud cost anomaly detection and highlight how the unique features of the Uniskai FinOps platform help the entire team while enhancing the capabilities of your business.

Understanding Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection

Cloud cost anomalies refer to unforeseen changes, often increases, that exceed cost expectations based on historical data. By harnessing advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, companies operating in the cloud can get valuable insights and make informed decisions that will improve their financial performance.

The key benefits of cloud cost anomaly detection include:

  • Early detection that minimizes cloud spend waste and maximizes return on investment.
  • Greater cloud cost forecasting accuracy that significantly enhances decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Real-time financial insights that prevent losses, mitigate risks, and enable immediate action to resolve cloud cost anomalies before they escalate.
  • Reduced false positives free up time to focus attention on critical issues.
  • Smart scalability that adapts to dynamic environments, accommodates new cloud components, and aligns with cloud infrastructure.

Steps to Implement Anomaly Detection in Cloud Infrastructure

Implementing an effective anomaly detection strategy in cloud infrastructure necessitates meticulous planning and deep expertise. To respond to emerging threats and support the integrity of your cloud infrastructure you need to build a reliable pipeline that comprises all of the following elements:

  • Data Collection. Gather, normalize, and analyze relevant data from diverse sources within the cloud infrastructure, such as logs, metrics, and network traffic.
  • Machine Learning Models. Train machine learning models on historical data to learn normal behavior patterns.
  • Alerting Establish an alerting mechanism that promptly notifies the finance team about detected anomalies.
  • Continuous Improvement. Monitor financial metrics, gather feedback from finance teams, and refine the anomaly detection models over time. This iterative process ensures adaptability to evolving financial patterns and evolving business needs.

While theoretically, the DevOps and FinOps teams could manually monitor streams of logs emitted by thousands of cloud components to detect problems, this approach requires significant human resources, rendering it economically infeasible.

Experience the Transformative FinOps Power of Uniskai

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is an AI-powered comprehensive DevOps/FinOps solution that performs real-time analysis of metrics from thousands of cloud components. Once a resource deviates from the established baseline, it promptly triggers full-context alerts, enabling developers, operators, and finance teams to swiftly investigate and address cost anomalies before they spiral out of control.

In a nutshell, top benefits of using Uniskai's anomaly detection feature are:

  • Scalability and elasticity. The platform monitors multiple metrics for each component distributed across various cloud environments. It dynamically scales up or down based on the intensity of incoming log records.
  • Reliability and stability. As data collection and cloud platform monitoring are continuous activities, the system remains reliable and resilient to component failures, ensuring 24/7 operation.
  • Support for various logs. Uniskai by Profisea Labs accommodates the diverse types of components of major cloud platforms, collecting and processing different log formats.
  • Feasibility. The DevOps/FinOps platform keeps pace with evolving demands as cloud providers introduce new services.
  • Informativeness. Uniskai by Profisea Labs generates detailed findings that provide insights into the issue at hand, enabling prompt resolution of concerns.

After detecting an anomaly, Uniskai users receive automatic alerts via Slack and/or email, facilitating in-depth analysis of specific issues. Thus, Uniskai helps prevent wasteful expenditure, potentially reducing a company's cloud spend by over 75%.

Bottom Line

At Profisea Labs, we firmly believe that a robust cloud infrastructure fosters innovation. Our mission is to assist companies of all sizes in managing and optimizing their cloud environments, achieving complete automation.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs provides a proactive and efficient means of identifying and remediating cloud issues in real-time. By leveraging advanced monitoring systems and machine learning algorithms, this comprehensive FinOps/DevOps platform ensures continuous monitoring of infrastructure changes, optimizing resource utilization, and mitigating cloud costs.

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