Uniskai Wins Cloud Project of the Year Award

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is proud to announce that it has won the title of Cloud Project of the Year at the prestigious 2023-2024 Cloud Awards. This recognition from renowned industry authority Awarding & Consultancy International further emphasizes Uniskai's position as a leading innovator in cloud computing.

The Cloud Awards program acknowledges organizations contributing to transformative technologies globally. A cloud project involves initiatives related to the implementation, development, migration, or management of applications, systems, or infrastructure in the cloud.

Expressing its presence in all cloud matters, Profisea Labs is proud to be listed as a finalist in several other cloud-related categories, including Best Software as a Service (outside the USA), Most Innovative Use of Data in the Cloud, and Best Cloud Data Management Solution. On a more personal note, as well as being a Most Promising Start-Up finalist, the Profisea Labs team appreciates being a finalist in the Best Place to Work in the Cloud category!

Profisea Labs' success in the Cloud Project of the Year category highlights its market-leading innovations and lasting impression on the judging panel. Uniskai now stands alongside other industry giants such as Wiz, Aqua Security, Rakuten Symphony, Calendly, and a few more.

As companies worldwide navigate the intricacies of cloud computing, Uniskai emerges as a game-changer, providing a comprehensive solution for cloud visibility, streamlined cloud management, and efficient cost optimization. Our all-in-one AI-based FinOps platform empowers businesses to unlock up to 75% in cloud cost savings.

To unlock the capabilities of Uniskai and embrace your cloud success story, visit Profisea Labs for a free trial today.