Join us for an insightful webinar "Beyond Cost Optimization: How to Solve Your FinOps Challenges". In this session, you will delve into the world of FinOps, a transformative approach to managing cloud costs effectively.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, providing scalability, flexibility, and countless growth opportunities. However, without smart cost management, organizations will soon face unexpected and skyrocketing expenses. That's where FinOps comes in. But FinOps is so much more than cloud spend. In fact, without proper support, FinOps programs are doomed to fail.

What can you expect from the webinar? 

During this webinar, FinOps Consultant Jesse DeRose will delve into why many FinOps initiatives fail and how a cost-conscious culture empowers organizations to align financial accountability and cloud usage. Jesse DeRose will guide you through the principles and best practices of creating a cost-conscious culture, enabling you to build lasting cloud cost management initiatives.

Jesse DeRose will share real-world examples and success stories, showcasing how companies have transformed their cloud cost management practices by adopting FinOps.

After the webinar, you’ll be well-placed to: 

Understand the core principles of FinOps and its impact on cloud cost management

Identify common cost optimization challenges and explore practical solutions

Communicate the value of FinOps within your organization

Foster a culture of financial accountability and collaboration across teams

Leverage existing tools and processes to accomplish your FinOps objectives

Use practical insights from real-life case studies of organizations that have cut their cloud spend through FinOps

Who is most likely to be interested in the webinar?

Whether you are an IT professional, a finance executive, or a business leader involved in cloud cost management, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to take control of your cloud costs and drive tangible business outcomes.
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Who is the speaker?


Zoom Webinar


June 21,
6:30 PM (UTC +3)




1 hour


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