March 21, 2023

Welcome to our upcoming webinar "FinOps: Cloud Cost Control and an Innovation Boost"

In today's ever-evolving technological world, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to drive innovation and growth. However, without proper cost management strategies in place, cloud usage can quickly become a significant financial burden for organizations.

What can you expect from the webinar?

In the webinar, Senior FinOps Consultant Robertas Vasaris will share his expertise on cloud cost optimization and provide attendees with actionable insights and practical strategies for reducing cloud costs while still achieving maximum results and boosting innovation.

After the webinar, you’ll be well-placed to: 

Who is most likely to be interested in the webinar?

Whether you are a CTO, CIO, DevOps specialist, cloud specialist, architect, or business leader, this webinaris designed to provide you with valuable insights and real-world strategies to control cloud costs and boost innovation.
Register now and take your cloud cost optimization to the next level!

Who is the speaker?


Zoom Webinar




April 13, 5 PM (UTC +2)


1 hour


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