January 20, 2023

If you're keen to control cloud spending, applying financial management principles is the right thing to do. Join our webinar "Are you in full control of your cloud infrastructure and its costs? FinOps Best Practices" on February, 9 to bring financial management to your cloud and effectively handle cloud costs.

Year after year, cloud solutions capture an increasing share of the IT infrastructure market, highlighting cloud spending as a significant concern for companies. Fortunately, FinOps, as the practice of bringing financial responsibility to the cloud, helps establish a balance between cloud performance and expenses.

February 9th is the day when Profisea Labs' expert, Anton Grishko, will discuss efficient FinOps principles, practices, and solutions that help handle cloud cost overspending without damaging business health.

Join our webinar to learn how to build effective FinOps step-by-step!

Take your chance to win
a FinOps certification voucher!
All the webinar participants will automatically enter the drawing to win 1 of 2 FinOps Practitioner certification vouchers that will be given to the most attentive webinar attendees.
What can you expect at the webinar?
Our webinar will be helpful for cloud infrastructure owners, IT managers (CTO/CIO), and engineers (DevOps, developers, and others) who are constantly looking for best practices to handle cloud infrastructure and cloud expenses, with no harm to business health.

Curious and excited?
Let's highlight some of the FinOps key points we'll discuss during the webinar:
What is FinOps and why is it essential for Cloud Cost Management?
How to bring complete visibility to a cloud environment and eliminate waste.
How to benefit from explicit analytics and reporting.
How to optimize and reduce your cloud expenses by up to 75%.
How to merge DevOps and FinOps.
Who is the
Anton Grishko
Chief Solutions
Zoom Webinar
February 9, 5 PM (UTC +2)
1 hour

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