AWS Continuous Automation: Focus on the Bigger Picture with Uniskai

Continuous cloud automation is an approach that uses automation technologies and procedures to constantly enhance and optimize cloud infrastructure. It is a complicated procedure that requires the use of specialized instruments, experience, and perseverance. In this blog article, we'll go through the fundamentals of AWS continuous automation and its benefits. We'll also explain why DevOps/FinOps platforms like Uniskai by Profisea Labs maintain automated cloud workflows and deliver the fundamental digital transformation your business needs.

The basics of AWS continuous cloud automation

Companies use AWS cloud infrastructure to get on-demand access to increased processing capacity and storage. At the same time, installing and administering cloud infrastructure requires significant effort as certain cloud workloads are still handled manually. You still need to have someone who is responsible for spinning up cloud resources, evaluating them, adjusting and removing them when they are no longer required...

Businesses therefore look for DevOps experts to speed up these time-consuming repetitive manual tasks. Let's look at the most typical cloud automation use cases.

  • Infrastructure as Code refers to infrastructure provisioning, which includes setting up virtual machines and configuring networks, storage volumes, or other cloud resources. Once the infrastructure code is written, all procedures can be automated.

  • Database backups are often manual activities that fall under the purview of an IT operator and are carried out during working hours. These procedures may be automated on a set schedule using a cloud automation service.

  • Application deployment and testing. Using AWS cloud automation technologies, users may automate the testing of new code. The application may be automatically deployed to the production environment after the users have received the results and fixed any errors.

  • Hybrid cloud management. When a company works with both public and private clouds, automation technologies can assist in managing these separate clouds by centralizing administration through a single set of tools.

Why continuous cloud automation matters

Along with the obvious benefits of doing away with repetitive tasks, cloud automation provides businesses with other advantages:

  • Speed in assessing, testing, and iterating, which is paramount when issuing more frequent releases. DevOps enables businesses to offer new services and satisfy consumer demands much more efficiently, resulting in greater commercial results and significant competitive advantage.

  • Better collaboration and governance. DevOps automation in the cloud enhances workflows and processes organically, resulting in consistent procedures. Companies that automate regular processes free up their IT personnel to focus on more strategic work.

  • Reliability. DevOps automation reduces the instances of human error or faults, which in turn makes cloud infrastructure far more accurate and dependable. Continuous monitoring and logging give real-time information about the performance of applications and infrastructure. Automated backup practices significantly increase an organization's disaster resilience.

  • Scalability. DevOps automation allows cloud infrastructure to be scaled up or down based on demand, eliminates manual intervention, and allows Teams to manage infrastructure and process development at scale.

  • Security and Resilience. Better control over infrastructure and operations provides a more effective approach to maintaining compliance. True, AWS does provide various security tools to secure cloud infrastructure, but it can be challenging to ensure that these features are properly installed and maintained.

  • Cost Optimization. AWS also offers several cost-cutting technologies but implementing them properly involves regular monitoring and analysis. Automation can assist in identifying cost-cutting possibilities and implementing changes effectively.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs: an all-in-one FinOps/DevOps solution for continuous cloud automation

AWS continuous automation has its tools, methods, and best practices. Even so, not everyone can fully exploit all the latest features as they trend. There are plenty of cloud automation tools and capabilities out there – whether provided by your public cloud vendor or a third-party cloud platform – but you will still need to conduct market analysis and set targets and expectations before selecting and adopting the appropriate DevOps/FinOps platform.

And then there is Uniskai by Profisea Labs which will simplify processes while enhancing cloud visibility and dramatically cutting your cloud costs.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is a comprehensive AI-based cost optimization platform that assists DevOps engineers and IT managers in managing and automating complicated cloud infrastructure. Just connect your account to Uniskai, and all your cloud information will be synced in a matter of minutes.

Uniskai's features are designed to give real-time visualization of everything inside your cloud, as well as to provide an Al-based cost optimization approach, security, and performance suggestions for cost-effective and productive cloud architecture operations. Uniskai by Profisea Labs helps you bypass the initial pain of cloud deployment and develop the capacity to accomplish challenging tasks with just a click of a button.

Final thoughts

Because of the complexity of cloud infrastructure and the necessity for precise orchestration of many day-to-day processes, the IT community has concluded that it is best to rely on a solid automation platform that adds considerable value to businesses.

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is an excellent choice for AWS-using enterprises since it offers advantages such as complete cloud visibility, enhanced productivity, improved scalability, more consistency, greater security, and significant cost savings.

Would you like to learn how to get started with our all-in-one DevOps/FinOps cloud automation solution? Contact us now!